Change the Health of the Nation

Evolent Health is comprised of an experienced and committed group of health care professionals, unified by a passion for transforming the way care is delivered and experienced in the United States.

Our Mission

The rising cost of health care is unsustainable, and we believe every patient deserves higher quality care at lower costs. We build financially aligned partnerships with providers and health plans committed to giving their communities more value for the health care dollar. We have the experience to drive the transformation required as we pursue a singular mission:


To change the health of the nation
by changing the way health care is delivered

“This [partnership] has taken on a shared responsibility for innovation. Now, I feel like we are learning from each other and learning from other clients of theirs who are going down this path.”

Dr. Julia Andrieni, Vice President of Population Health
and Primary Care, Houston Methodist

Our Vision

To support leading providers and health plans in gaining the operational scale and clinical performance required to succeed within value-based care. Leveraging our centralized support, our partners form a network of progressive organizations that identify, share and implement proven best practices to change the way health care is delivered and experienced in their local communities.